Victorious Tabernacle Christian Outreach Center

Doctor Sharon P. Williamson, Pastor

Dr. Shay Williamson

Dr. Shay Williamson

Dr. Shay received her Bachelor of Theology degree from White Horse School of Ministries in Indiana. She received her Masters of Theology degree from Life Christian University. She serves in many roles as a full time pastor of VTCOC. She is very active in church ministries and oversees all administration. She organizes our Israel tours. She is the worship team leader and is the director and registrar of Victorious Tabernacle Bible Equipping University (VTBEU). She is a professor at VTBEU who specializes in Old Testament studies.

Dr. Shay recently completed an extensive study of “The Tabernacle”. She has been invited to speak at churches and conferences to present her work. She is currently working toward her doctorate degree and spends much of her time in research on various biblical subjects.

Doctor Lawrence A. Williamson, Senior Pastor

Dr. Larry Williamson 2012

Dr. Larry Williamson

Dr. Larry is the founding pastor of Victorious Tabernacle Christian Outreach Center (VTCOC). In 2005, he received his doctorate of Philosophy of Theology from Life Christian University, Tampa, Florida. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana. In 2006, he published his first book, “The Lost Army of Melchizedek” and recently completed his second book, “The Fallen Priesthood” to be published in the fall of 2011.

He is devoted to senior citizens by serving as a volunteer chaplain for the past twenty-one years at two nursing and assisted living facilities. He has served in a dual career for over thirty years in commerical banking reaching the position of Vice President in commercial and small business lending. He has organized and lead men’s conferences to further help men recognize the call God has placed on their lives as the priest of their home in the role of a father and husband. He is a professor at Victorious Tabernacle Bible Equipping University (VTBEU). His current goals include updating and writing new courses for the University.